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Network Phone Camera IP - PTZ -Tel - Alarm -WiFi

Product Code: Network Phone Camera IP - PTZ -Tel - Alarm -WiFi
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Product Description

 Product Overview

The NPC series is a type of excellent intelligent home product specially designed for digital field. It introduces embedded LINUX operating system which is more stable. It introduces the technology of standard H.264 mp video compression format and G.711A audio compression format which insure the high-quality image, low-bit rate and single-frame playing. It introduces Cloud link P2P network transmission technology which achieves strong network data transmission ability and remote control ability. It introduces wireless learning codes technology and wireless detector to construct a strong alarm system.

 Main functions

Video call

It can realize the video call not only between two NPC, but also among smart phone, tablet computer and NPC.

Record function

After inserting U disk or Micro SD to NPC, it can realize simultaneous storage and recording of audio and video, and different recording mode such as manual recording, alarm recording, timing recording can be selected.

You can search video files intelligent on the device and playback video on the screen directly.

Remote monitor

It can achieve remote monitor by using mobile APP to dial 3C number.

Wireless alarm

It introduces wireless learning code and wireless detector to construct alarm system, and also email alarm function is supported.

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 Network Phone Camera  IP - PTZ -Tel - Alarm -WiFi
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